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SHW The solutions for the handling and storage of bulk materials by SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH >>>
Heat Recovery and Power Generation from Biomass and Waste by Maxxtec GmbH >>>
AWS separation Energy from Biomass by LAMBION Energy Solutions GmbH >>>

Welcome to SHW Storage & Handling Solutions GmbH

SHW is the specialist with know-how! >>>

With almost 4.000 installations world-wide SHW Storage and Handling Solutions GmbH is one of the world leaders for the handling and storage of bulk materials.

We are constantly developing our products to meet the exacting demands of our customers. Experience gained over many years enables us to offer the most efficient and cost effective solutions

Maxxtec GmbH:
Heat Recovery and Power Generation from biomass and waste

maxxtec heat recovery and power generation

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Maxxtec GmbH is leading supplier of plants for efficient power generation from biomass and industrial waste heat.

Maxxtec products are used for the generation of electricity and heat from solid biomass as well as from industrial waste heat. The clients can rely on comprehensive service from the basic engineering to the start-up of the plants and the ongoing service.

kamwest heat recovery

The Products for Heat Recovery

The efficient transfer and generation of process heat.

Our products are used where the industry needs high performances, extreme pressure or exact temperatures for their processes.

  • Thermal Oil Heater
  • Steam Boiler
  • Electrical Heaters
  • Secondary Control Systems
  • Condition Monitoring for Pumps
  • Heat Exchanger

kamwest power generation

The Products for Power Generation

Use existing or renewable resources to generate electricity power and heat from solid biomass, waste heat or solar energy.

  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Two-Pass Heat Recovery Systems
  • Steammaxx
  • ORC Module
  • Airmaxx4

LAMBION Energy Solutions GmbH: Energy from Biomass

lambion energy plant
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Well-designed bioenergy concepts produce positive results.

LAMBION designs and delivers turnkey power plants and heating stations using solid biomass fuels based on customized energy concepts that take into account all the critical factors. The capacities are ranging from 1 - 30 MWth for all types of applications and any type of solid biomass fuel.

kamwest energy biomass

Getting Energy from Biological Residues and Waste. For more than 90 years, Lambion has been designing and building facilities for energy production from solid biomass sources. The original mechanical feed unit for combustion - the heart of every biomass power plant - is a Lambion invention as well as many other later innovations.